Stuttgart Connectory

Internet of Things (IoT)
co-creation space in the heart of Stuttgart.

Who We Are

The Stuttgart Connectory is a community of entrepreneurs, IoT startups, corporate innovators and creative minds—together we’re driving IoT innovation.

The Connectory is a co-creation space, bringing together diverse groups of partners – corporates, startups, civic and university groups – to drive AIoT innovation.

The goal is to foster an AIoT community within the local innovation ecosystem, focus on Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Bosch and mm1 Consulting join forces to boost competitiveness of industrial companies in rapidly changing market environment through digital transformation. Firstly, by providing insights on the key technology trends and ways to drive innovation and change. Secondly, by fostering the exchange of experience of cross-industry professionals.

What Sets Us Apart

We connect diverse business professionals across industry domains

We host a wide range of engaging events on innovation and technology subjects

We collaborate for mutual benefits and sustainable change

We create learning experiences and contribute to the local innovation ecosystem

Focus Areas

• Industry 4.0
• Mobility
• Smart City
• Connected Construction


represents connecting people, ecosystems and partners + “factory” as part of Bosch’s history
as a traditional manufacturing company.




Room Concept


15th March 2018

Stuttgart, Wilhelmsbau (near Rotebühlplatz)

Digital Supply Chain / Logistics and Data-driven Technologies
To foster open collaboration, the Connectory offers a flexible format without physical walls to encourage connection among members and to facilitate various activities such as workshops, design sprints, hackathons, or events. Physical dividers can create a “room” to support co-innovation projects with internal and external groups.

Projects in the Connectory are cross-domain and cross-functional, and often include external parties such as startups, universities or other corporates. Temporary co-creation project teams rotate through the space and work on innovation workshops and project sprints. One fixed developer team of 20 people is working on digitalization and automation projects.


The Concept

The co-innovation space is focused on three main activities: partner and co-creation, educational experience and corporate projects. Each Connectory has an innovation focus – e.g. IoT or Digital Supply chain –and connects with the local tech ecosystem and startup community in each location, expanding on a global network.

The goal of the Connectory is to empower opportunities for Bosch with new IoT products, business models and services to become a leading IoT company in the near future. The Connectory is a physical place to connect the Bosch of tomorrow by utilizing three critical elements: cross-domain, cross-functional, and active within the external IoT ecosystem

The Locations

Chicago Connectory, USA (May 2017)
Guadalajara Connectory, Mexico (November 2017)
Stuttgart Connectory, Germany (March 2018)
Shanghai Connectory, China (April 2019)
Curitiba Connectory, Brazil (August 2019)

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